Profly offers a range of drone solutions in the fields of Aerial Photography and Filming, Interactive 360 Photos, Solar Panel Thermal Inspections, Real Estate Photography, Asset Inspections and 3D Mapping. Profly Solutions is CASA certified and fully insured.  


Through aerial imagery, Profly can add value to any business. We can provide breathtaking high impact aerial videography & photography. Whether it be for commercial or residential real estate, architecture, engineering or construction, drones are the perfect tool to capture different points of view not available through traditional land based photography.


Profly offer 360° Panoramic aerial photos and interactive aerial tours. It's an exciting way to engage with your customers and is one of the best ways to illustrate proximity to nearby amenities from a bird's eye view. Click on Learn More for an exciting demonstration of this technology. 


Have your domestic solar panels inspected with our thermal imaging drones. It's a quick, safe, and low cost way of identifying heat anomalies

on the solar panel that could pose a fire risk or undermine the performance of your solar panels. We recommend you get your panels inspected before your warranty expires, before you buy your next property or for additional peace of mind.   


Profly can conduct a building, roof and other asset inspections in a fraction of the time of traditional inspection methods. Our drones and skilled pilots provide a safer, cost-effective and more convenient way to inspect harder to reach plant and equipment without the need for ladders, scissor lifts or elevated work platforms and without putting personnel in danger.


Large Scale Aerial Photography and 3D Mapping

Profly can produce stunning large-scale photos, maps and 3D maps of your project or job site. Satellite images from Google Maps are often months if not years out of date or don’t provide the level of detail needed for commercial applications.

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Chief Pilot

Profly's chief operating pilot is Ben Mortensen.

Ben is an internationally recognised drone racing pilot.

He won a Gold Medal for Australia at the 2018 FAI World Championships and races all over the world as part of the Drone Champions League (DCL) Television Show.  

His passion for drone racing and his experience gained from the sport, has given him piloting skills which are among the best in the industry, so you can be assured you are in good hands. 



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