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Asset and Building
Aerial Inspections

Drone Inspection

Profly can conduct a drone inspection of a building, roof and other assets in a fraction of the time of traditional inspection methods.


Our drones and skilled pilots provide a safer, cost-effective and more convenient way to inspect harder to reach plant and equipment without the need for ladders, scissor lifts or elevated work platforms and without putting personnel in danger.


Given the substantially lower cost to perform such inspections and reducing downtime, you can inspect your assets more frequently and therefore identify potential problems much sooner.  

Drone Inspection of Air Conditioning Unit

Capture and Reporting

Our drones can be deployed in minutes and provide high quality digital assets live to on-site engineers or technicians.


The digital assets can also be delivered to stakeholders via Profly’s own private cloud delivery service. We can provide 2D & 3D Photos, large scale photos, 360-degree photos, thermal images and 4K video.


Our cloud delivery service is an easy to use platform that allows you to view and share digital assets with your own team members or third parties such as property owners, engineers, contractors or technicians.


Profly works with domestic home owners, insurance companies, construction companies, commercial property managers, property maintenance companies and body corporate. 

Safe - Convenient - Low Cost

Regular Construction Progress Photos

Drones are a low cost way of tracking and monitoring building site progress. Progress photos or video taken at regular intervals help document progress over time and can assist stakeholders with their decision making processes and dispute resolution. Profly can provide weekly, fortnightly or monthly photo and video updates. 

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