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Solar Panel Thermal
Drone Inspection

Inspection Service

Have your solar panels inspected with our thermal drones. It’s fast, easy and one of the most cost-effective ways to identify possible problems with solar panels. The cost for a thermal drone inspection is very small when compared to the savings home and business owners can achieve from correctly functioning solar panels.

A thermal drone looks for heat anomalies and these differences can indicate a possible problem in a fraction of the time of traditional testing methods. They can help pinpoint faults which allow you to show technicians where to look.

Other Benefits

Our drones can also help identify if the panels are smashed, soiled due to bird dropping, nesting birds, leaf or other organic matter building up or overhanging the panels.

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Our Drones Can See What The Human Eye Can't


With a thermal drone inspection there is no need to climb on the roof and you don’t need to be home for the inspection. The thermal drones can look for heat anomalies a few metres off the roof.


If you are buying a new home, why not have the solar panels inspected as part of your building and pest inspection process?  We can identify any thermal anomalies before you purchase the property.

Buying a Home

Our thermal drone operators are highly skilled pilots. They are CASA certified and are at least a Level 1 Certified Thermographer.


If you are selling a home, not only can Profly Solutions provide you with your aerial photography and video to sell your home, for a little extra, we can also provide a Thermal Solar Inspection report. This could potentially be used as a selling tool for any prospective buyer.  

Selling a Home

Profly Solutions is fully insured with $20 Million dollars third party public liability insurance. 


Thermal drone inspection is designed to be conducted while the system is under load and in the hottest part of the day. Therefore, the system won’t need to be shut down for the thermal test.

No Shutdown

Solar panel inspections are not only for older solar installations. The perfect time to start an aerial inspection is when the solar array has been commissioned. It is the best time to get baseline data for future inspection comparisons. 

New & Old

We will provide a report within 24 hours of inspection and include thermal photos of your solar panels. High resolutions photos will be kept on file and used as baseline data for future comparison of your panels. 


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Thermal Anomaly Examples

The comparisons below display standard images with thermal image overlays taken from one of our thermal drones. These are great examples of thermal anomalies which would warrant further investigations.

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