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Drones have revolutionized the way we capture images. The angles and points of view we can capture with our drones allows us to compose images that previously would have been too expensive or impossible to deliver. 


With high quality cameras and experienced pilots, let Profly showcase your business, product, or event through stunning aerial photography.


Profly is a full-service provider of drone videography, offering services to meet the needs of clients at all levels of production. Whether it be a local small business, or a large-scale film production requiring professional, high-quality footage, we have the expertise to deliver.


Our chief operating pilot is an internationally recognised drone operator, and leads the team of highly experienced and skilled pilots. Our resulting footage is always smooth and captivating, even in the most challenging shooting conditions.

We stand out from the competition with our exceptional piloting abilities and expertise. Being amongst the best in the industry, while maintaining competitive rates, our clients have yet another reason to continue coming back.


Choose Profly to elevate your next project.


Night Operations

Operating drones at night requires special licenses and pilot training, and our company has both. Profly is certified by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority to conduct night time flights, ensuring that we adhere to all safety and regulatory guidelines.

Whether you're looking to showcase real estate property, highlight the beaty and complexity of a cityscape or capture the atmosphere of a special occasion, our team will work with you to create custom solutions that meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

Slow-Motion Videography

Slow down the action and observe the details with our high end cinematic drones and ground cameras which capture slow motion 4K video up to 120 frames per second. This gives video content a more cinematic feel, adds emphasis to the shot, and focuses the viewers’ attention to the narrative. 

Ground Videography

Aerial videography from a drone may not suit every filming scenario, whether that be due to safety or flight restrictions, or simply because the drone shot is not practical. As such, Profly is equipped with cinema quality ground cameras and advanced stabilisation technology for quality video production. These cameras can shoot up to an impressive 6k 30fps or 4k 120fps.

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Drone and Pilot Hire

Need a drone pilot for specialized operations? We can partner with you on your next project! Our drone pilot hire service offers experienced pilots with equipment for challenging tasks such as FPV operations, night flying, extended visual line of sight operations, and close proximity operations. With the necessary skills and CASA authorizations, we are equipped to handle specialized requests with precision and safety. Trust us to take your projects to new heights and achieve stunning results. 

All digital assets are yours to keep. We can offer raw or edited footage and can provide it via a cloud based data service or if you are local it can be exchanged on a physical drive.

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